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Dizmo – Umuntu Mutwe Full Album Mp3 Download

Dizmo – Umuntu Mutwe Full Album Mp3 Download

It seems that Entertainments Ltd is promoting the upcoming album by Dizmo titled “Umuntu Mutwe,” which is his second studio album following his first album “Ghetto 2 Mayadi.” The album features collaborations with artists such as Ndine Emma, Macky 2, Ruff Kid, Jae Cash, and King Burga. Dizmo emphasizes the power of the mind in achieving success and shaping one’s life, both physically and emotionally.

Macky 2, one of the featured artists on the album, is highlighted for his transformative impact on people’s lives, with Dizmo expressing gratitude for Macky 2’s contribution to the song “Bit by Bit” or “Step by Step.” The message conveyed is one of continuous progress and the importance of perseverance in achieving one’s goals.

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Download Dizmo – Umuntu Mutwe Full Album All Songs Mp3 

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Dizmo – “Umuntu Mutwe” | Full Album

  1. Dizmo ft T sean – Loyalty Mumulopa DOWNLOAD

  2. Dizmo ft Jae cash , Stevo – Fully Equipped DOWNLOAD

  3. Dizmo ft Black – Pamushasha DOWNLOAD

  4. Dizmo ft wezi & Petersen – Dziko LaTu DOWNLOAD

  5. Dizmo ft Celeb City – Titanic DOWNLOAD

  6. Dizmo ft Jay Rox – Eksay DOWNLOAD

  7. Dizmo ft Cleo Ice Queen – Alola DOWNLOAD

  8. Dizmo ft Puri 4000 – Kamba Nyo DOWNLOAD

  9. Dizmo – Ukuba Bwino Takwaba Bwino DOWNLOAD

  10. Dizmo ft Chef 187 & Y Ace – All Networks DOWNLOAD

  11. Dizmo ft Kupa Contra – I choose You DOWNLOAD

  12. Dizmo ft Bobby East & Kay Joe – Imbwa Ndine DOWNLOAD

  13. Dizmo – Share Holder DOWNLOAD

  14. Dizmo ft Tommy D , Narcisse Walter – No Mahafu DOWNLOAD

  15. Dizmo ft Jemax , Jae Cash – Loko DOWNLOAD

  16. Dizmo ft Daev – I Do DOWNLOAD

  17. Dizmo ft Namadingo – Madaliso DOWNLOAD

  18. Dizmo Ft. Tio Nason – International DOWNLOAD

  19. Dizmo Ft. Don Chichi – Asanike DOWNLOAD

  20. Dizmo – Rainford Kalaba DOWNLOAD


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