LJ Mojo – Last Prophets (Video)


In this intense but classic remake of “Last Prophets,” Lj Mojo maintains this whole new side to Zambian rap that has never been seen/heard before.

Last Prophets gives full insight into where Lj Mojo is with his music right now and where he plans on heading in the near future. As the second verse rolls in he becomes more personal and open about circumstances in his personal life giving the listener a sort of intimate connection with the artist.

The music video is performed at 3 different locations all giving and complimenting the different moods at different intervals of the song. You will notice B roll footage of an unusual being trapped within itself trying to get out but at the same time enjoying the space/ self hell that it’s trapped in vibing to the music inside. That’s a depiction of bottled up emotions of the artist yearning to be expressed through the vibes within himself.
Lj Mojo performs unapologetically throughout this extraordinary video. The song is part of a 24 track body of work called ‘ God Is African ‘ and appears at track 7 of the original mixtape that was put out on October 4th 2020.

Directed By Narcisse & 3rd Eye

Watch video below

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