Why Macky 2 Is Called A Living Legend !!!,,,


Macky 2’s story officially starts 2000 if am not wrong. Today, we are here to look back at rapper and his legendary career, his advancement in music, his discovery of legendary talent, and of courses his business acumen in more recent years. There are many reasons why Macky 2 should be appreciated as a legend in the game and though I’m sure most people know these reasons, it’s only right I remind you of them. Let’s take a look at the legacy and legend that he’s.

One thing’s for sure, Macky 2 is a living legend and trust me when I say this isn’t all hype but mere fact. If you disagree with me though, that just shows that you are not a true fan of his works. From the early 2000s Macky has what most would call the “hit factor.” As a DJ, a produce video director and to an extent, an artist, his humble beginnings led to him becoming a household name in the music business.

He premise behind Kopala Swag/Alpha Entertainmen which seemed to be built on finding new talent with him as the C.E.O, but the first step to building that empire was him using his face us a the movement factor to help seal the name. The Kopala Swag was officially lunched it was all about gangsta, nothing like that had been done before and it brought some division in the game between Lusaka and Copperbelt, however this lead label by that time (early 2000s) to have a beef with Xample Yapa Zed (XYZ Entertainment). The two (2) reunited and game has been strong together. Why opt for violence, when you could opt for family, legacy and enjoy a little more green?

Very few artists manage to stay consistent in their careers, needless to say, trump or surpass themselves over time but Mulaza Kaira manages to make us fall in love with him and his music time and time again and one you must know he has over 50 hit singles to his name (Albums not included,)do remember the song Bombafye? In that record he managed to feature 43 artists of different genres on one song and it’s only 7mins guys. There’s nothing but respect for him and the monster hits he has given us.

There is nobody in the business that wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with him, and his artistic relationship with every artist keeps him in forward motion always trying to do more, get better, improve on an existing skill. He’s the visionary who has the business sense, and enough humility to collaborate with individuals who might not necessarily fit the mold of a personal acquaintance.

There isn’t enough time or space to talk about the contributions King Buga has made to Hip Hop, to business, to education and even to festivals. In his 15 years + in the industry, he has not only catapulted many rap careers, including his own, but he’s had an impact in so many areas and has cemented himself as a legend in every regard.Macky 2 produced tremendous albums, singles and solidify himself as a powerhouse. At this point, he has mastered being a producer, rapper, singer and video director while being recognized as a pioneer in these aspects. The best is yet to come, and as much as we appreciate him for his contributions to music, it’s his business ventures and his humanitarian work that piqued our interest.

Love him or hate him, Buga deserves to be called a living legend his influence in Zambian music industry over the last 15 years+ has been one of the biggest in history and undeniable. He has taken that influence global and he has served as an acceptable doorway to for uprising and well established artists in the Zambian music business.

It’s not surprising people took literal shots at the guy. For some reason, the bigger you are, the more troublemakers think they should mess with you. May be I’m exaggerating just the tiniest bit, but Macky 2 has surely set the pedestal for other artists to climb too.

Macky 2 is still incredibly active in the industry, and still very vocal about furthering the relatively young art form and sub-culture of hip-hop without the competitive violence..

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