Y celeb insults kondwani Banda for taking trash about xaven watch video

In the new kondwani Banda youth advocate posted a video saying rumourusly about mutale mwanza,xaven and mutale mwanza’s husband

In kondwani Banda’s video he said, xaven has been lodging at a certain lodging sleeping with men at room door no.33 and once took mutale mwanza’s husband and tried to have sexual intercourse with him but unfortunately xaven failed to get mutale mwanza’s husband in bed therefore he immediately reported to mutale mwanza over xaven that’s why mutale is nolonger found with xaven said kondwani Banda feature more he also said xaven borrowed clothings worth k2000 and failed to pay back but xaven she replied, I cannot live my important work for someone piece of sh*t I’m sending your change soon

Y celeb now is taking action on the scene

watch video below


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